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Select Destination Hotel Self Drive Car Rental Book at Delhi ✓ Wide Range of Cars ✓ Freedom of Self Drive for Shopping, Travel, Daily Commute and Outstation

Select Destination Hotel allows you to hire a rental or self-drive car of your choice at an affordable rate. Sign up on our website or mobile app, and decide on the rental duration, pickup location, and car type. You can use Select Destination Hotel to pick the self drive car that is suited for your needs. For instance, choose a small car that can zip you through the city traffic in Delhi, or a spacious SUV for an outstation travel such as for a drive from Delhi to Agra or Delhi to Ladakh. Self Drive Car rentals make it possible for you to pick a car which suits your purpose, whether it is a small one when you are travelling alone, or a bigger spacious one when you are in a group.

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Select Destination Hotel provides you with a car on rent in Delhi without a driver. Book your self drive car conveniently through online booking or on your smartphone. The vehicles have all-India permits, and Select Destination Hotel provides multiple parking sites across the country from where you can pick up your chosen car. You also have the flexibility of choosing from various packages, depending on whether you need the vehicle for a longer time or a longer distance.

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